Benefits of Vaping CBD 5+1 Ways to Use CBD 

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What is CBD & How Does it Work? 

CBD or cannabidiol is a unique chemical compound – one of two main active ingredients in Marijuana. Commonly, it is contained by most various CBD hemp oil products that are currently quite popular in the US: CBD patches, CBD vape cartridges, and even CBD oil for dogs

It may come as a surprise for some that you can get a CBD vape pen or CBD vape juice for sale even in regular grocery stores nowadays. The thing is, as opposed to full-on Cannabis that also contains high-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, when consumed separately, this compound doesn’t cause any buzz or fuzz in the head. 

Consumed as CBD oil capsules or in other forms, CBD is rather therapeutic and is commonly used to battle anxiety, improve the central nervous system performance, relieve convulsions and pains. And, of course, some of the best CBD vape oil available in public access is used for recreational purposes as well. 

You can also purchase CBD in various forms: tinctures, capsules, oils, sprays, chewing gums, creams (for external use), and CBD oil for vapes. But let’s take a more detailed look at the major benefits of vaping CBD, talk about the six most popular ways to use it, and share where you can conveniently buy CBD vape oil of great quality.


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We can see a lot of CBD products on sale nowadays: oils, gel caps, vaping pens, gels for external use, and even CBD oil drops for animals. However, CBD wasn’t always considered any different from its parental substance – Marijuana.

Thus, 2018 became a landmark year for the United States: it was this year that Donald Trump adopted the state farm law, which deemed the cultivation of cannabis as a legal activity. Since then, the CBD products market has become much more active and search requests like “buy CBD buds online”, “best CBD stocks to buy” and “top CBD stocks to buy” have skyrocketed.

Despite widespread legalization, many of us may still perceive CBD ambiguously, avoiding any psychoactive effects. Your usual Cannabis high, however, is delivered only by THC, which is kind of a CDB’s counterpart. 

Solutions like CBD patches for pain can be legally prescribed in medical facilities in many countries of the world where you can also legally buy CBD buds or CBD isolate.


What can be said about the principles of CBD effects on the human organism?

It is important to note here that CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system in a very specific way. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, it does not react with cannabinoid receptors, but with a protein that is produced by the human brain and peripheral organs. Due to this, a sufficient antispasmodic effect can be achieved.

CBD also has a positive effect on patients with seizures. During seizures, neurons are at their peak of activity. In turn, CBD blocks the protein produced during such activity surges and prevents further outbreaks of neurons (which provokes involuntary muscle convulsions). 

Thus, CBD can be actively used to alleviate the symptoms of patients with epileptic seizures. By the way, this fact is additionally confirmed by independent studies of the adenosine (anticonvulsant substance) transport channels – CBD accelerates its delivery to cells.

Moving further, some CBD studies have shown that this substance blocks the flow of calcium to the cells. This also has a strong antispasmodic effect, which was previously achievable only through the use of more serious (i.e., less harmless) medications, for example, analgesics.

In addition, cannabidiol also has an anti-inflammatory effect, helping with intestinal inflammation, such as Crohn’s disease or neurological diseases.

Such an extensive list of CBD use cases gives hope that this component will also prove effective in treating other diseases related to musculoskeletal disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease) and the production of hormones responsible for feelings of happiness and internal balance (to efficiently cure depression, bipolar disorder, neurosis, and even schizophrenia).

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1. CBD vape cartridge & CBD oil vape

Everybody knows that smoking is essentially bad for your health. It ultimately causes lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, provokes cardiovascular system disorders, etc. Moreover, data from independent researchers say that over the past hundred years it was smoking that caused the premature death of over one hundred million people around the world. 

That’s why a less dangerous alternative to smoking was introduced – vaping. Vapes help smokers quit, providing a good way to cope with psychological dependence (for heavy smokers, the smoking process is often part of an obsessive-compulsive disorder). 

The process of vaping resembles the usual smoking traits in many ways – a person is holding an electronic cigarette in their hands, getting a similar feeling when inhaling and exhaling steam. 

At the same time, any involved harm to health is minimized because vape pens do not contain such harmful substances as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, polonium, arsenic, lead, nickel, carbon monoxide, etc. Thanks to this, many people who have tried vaping eventually completely abandoned cigarettes.

Organic CBD vape oil that you can purchase in our store can be used as a great alternative to smoking – calm your nerves without harming your health. CBD vape oil for sale from Social has unique flavors and a natural composition. We have some of the best vapes for CBD oil options on the market – take a look yourself

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2. Drops

CBD is also provided in the form of oil droplets. “Social” drops, for instance, are based on organic coconut oil and are most suitable for people who suffer from all kinds of central nervous system disorders, for example, from sleep problems, daytime sleepiness, constant fatigue, concentration disorders, etc.

Unlike many other types of medication, CBD drops are a completely natural product that, even after dozens of scientific studies, has not once caused any nasty side effects. Thus, CBD has a very special effect on our endocannabinoid receptors, improving sleep quality and maintaining the REM (deep sleep) phase.

Take a look at our range of CBD-infused products if you want to get a premium-quality solution. 

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3. Broad Spectrum Drops

Broad-spectrum drops are the same CBD drops, but with a different concentration of the main component. Due to the wide variation in concentrations, the spectrum of application of such drops is wider, since they can also be used topically (and the required dose of CBD will still reach its destination).

Take a look through the selection of broad-spectrum drops on our site to get the most fitting option.

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4. Topicals 

Clinical developments claim that hemp products demonstrate a painkiller effect even in topical products. But such products act locally and are ideally suited for those who want to treat a specific issue with a separate part of the body.

Such agents (creams, gels, CBD patches) are also highly effective in resisting hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, eczema, and allergic dermatitis. They are also great for everybody doing sports and experiencing constant muscle tension.

You can select from a range of CBD-infused topical products in our specialized store

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5. CBD oil capsules 

Gelcaps are small, easy-to-swallow gelatin shells containing oil, CBD concentrate, and various plant extracts that enhance the effect of the main active ingredient. They are intended as a dietary supplement and can be used as an aid in the treatment of various diseases. Moreover, the THC content in this product does not exceed the statutory limit of 0.2%.

The contents of these capsules are successfully transported through the esophagus directly into the stomach. For convenience, you can take them with food and drink. CBD oil benefits in capsule format are that you can use them on the go and vary the dosage depending on the expected effect. By the way, CBD has no contraindications.

The positive effects of gel caps with CBD were observed in the case of nausea, vomiting, autism, diabetes, atherosclerosis, epilepsy, various types of allergies, asthma, liver diseases, brain disorders, inflammatory processes, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, cancer, etc. In addition, such capsules are excellent for daily prophylaxis of common diseases and strengthen one’s immune system in general, effectively lowering the pH level of the body.

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6. CBD oil for dogs and cats  

Unfortunately, our pets may also encounter diseases and disorders such as post-traumatic stress, cramps, inflammation, hair loss, refusal to eat, pain, etc. If you want to help them cope with their health problems in an advanced way, you can purchase cannabis oil specially designed for animals. 

When it comes to animal health issues, CBD oil for pain management delicately interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which is also present in animals (mammals, as well as fish and mollusks). The effect of CBD on animals is absolutely identical to the effect of CBD on humans.

In order for your pet to start taking good CBD oil on a regular basis, you can add it in moderate dosages (the size of the dose depends on the weight of the animal) to their daily diet – dry food, canned food, etc. The frequency of administration is usually 1-2 times per day (for small animals – 1 drop of oil, for larger animals – about 2-3 drops per meal). If we are talking about treatment or recovery from illness, the dosage of CBD can be increased several times.

After introducing CBD to the pet’s regular diet, you will be able to observe improvements in the appearance, well-being, and mood of your pet in 1-2 weeks.

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