Send the best recipe with CBD and get up to 10 titles of SocialCBD as a gift


The terms of the competition are very simple. You should send us step-by-step instructions on how to make your favorite dish using the CBD. Successful recipes will be rewarded with free titles.

The audience will evaluate so read the recommendations carefully.

Instructions for cooking should be clear and accessible. All items should be described for people who cook this recipe for the first time. Imagine that you have never seen this recipe and you will need to cook this dish. Therefore, try to include in the recipe what seems obvious to you. Reproduction of the recipe by other participants will be taken into account in the decision.

In order to take part:


  • Make the recipe in text form (you can with pictures)
  • Send it to our address
  • Wait for the recipe to be posted on the Recipes page
  • After several weeks, the audience will determine the best recipes and we will send you gifts and discounts.




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